Hello from Hiroshima city!!!

 How do you know about Hiroshima? Yeah, ofcourse we know the history. That was not really happy event. but tell you what? Hiroshima is not only about it but also has many things you can experience only in Hiroshima.


Miyajima Island is the one i want to say it is worth to visit. One of the most spiritual place in Hiroshima. Shrine, Temple, Mountain, Maple, Oyster, Deers and Deers. That is not enough to say though.


And the other thing is a Hiroshima's soul food, Okonomiyaki.

Hey!! Okonomiyaki isn't Hiroshima speciality. Can eat it anywhere in Japan.

Not so fast. We have Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style. It is totally different from regular Okonomiyaki. Please try it!! 


Those are just couple example about Hiroshima

Oh! and Don't forget visit us VAPE Lounge Hiroshima!!


VAPE Lounge Hiroshima(ベイプラウンジ広島)

Hiroshima, Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Mikawa-cho 3-14 B1F

TEL 082-207-1565

Open 12pm - 9pm